Group 3

In 2013 Johannes, Malte, Paul and Hagen officially founded Astral in Munich.

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We welcome our first employees to the team. Astral is growing!

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Our office is getting crowded, so we move to a bigger location in front of the Isar river.

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Our values as a team are now clear and we define them as Liberté, Fraternité and Agilité with Avantgarde at our core.

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We say farewell to our friend. The internal structure changes when Paul leaves Astral.

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It’s time to celebrate! Half a decade of creating together as Astral.

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Some of our team have new paths to follow and our paths align with new team members.

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We discover there is no office like home office. We embrace a fully digital connection.

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We dive into Web3, creating new realms and mastering the exciting new possibilities.

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3D design is one of our best allies. We are getting recognition from the industry’s awards.

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Looking back at our past with excitement we say: Thank you. We’ve had 10 amazing years in business, and we look forward to the ones to come.

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creating code couture - astral

We, Astral, are celebrating 10 years of code couture. Let us take you on a quick tour

with or without sound

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